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RentalCity Property Management

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Rental City, LLC
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The Client

RentalCity Property Management is a distinguished name in property management, catering to the dynamic markets of Memphis, Dyersburg, and Jackson, MS. With a commitment to exceptional service, RentalCity facilitates seamless connections between tenants and property owners, ensuring remarkable living experiences and efficient management solutions. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the real estate industry, RentalCity sought to elevate its brand presence and redefine its narrative to align with the unique spirits of each location. To address this imperative, they turned to our creative and digital marketing agency. Entrusting us with their vision, RentalCity aspired to reinvigorate its brand identity, cultivate an engaging online presence, and forge deeper connections with their target audience.


In collaboration with RentalCity Property Management, our creative and digital marketing agency embarked on a mission to achieve a comprehensive set of objectives that would reshape their brand identity and bolster their market position. Foremost, our objective was to design and develop a modern, user-centric website that seamlessly guides visitors through RentalCity’s range of property management services across Memphis, Dyersburg, and Jackson, MS. The website aimed to deliver an intuitive browsing experience while reflecting the company’s professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Additionally, our goal encompassed the creation of a fresh and distinctive logo that encapsulated RentalCity’s values and captured the essence of each location it serves. Beyond this, our graphic design services extended to crafting a consistent visual language across various marketing materials, fostering brand recognition and reinforcing their credibility. By aligning our objectives with the creation of a dynamic website, a captivating logo, and cohesive graphic design elements, we aimed to rejuvenate RentalCity’s brand identity, strengthen its online presence, and ensure an impactful and lasting impression on its audience.

Rebranding a business from start to finish is no easy task. P21 truly held my hand through each stage of our website development and offered realistic ideas and feedback to create a site that was functional, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. We have received regular website development updates like clockwork since launching. The entire team shared their wealth of knowledge to make the process and painless as possible.

Shellye Lyons


The transformative journey with RentalCity Property Management yielded remarkable outcomes that exceeded expectations and reshaped their brand landscape. Through meticulous design and development efforts, we unveiled a cutting-edge website that flawlessly encapsulated RentalCity’s services, offering an intuitive user experience that resonated with both tenants and property owners in Memphis, Dyersburg, and Jackson, MS.

The newly conceptualized logo served as a visual anchor, seamlessly intertwining the diverse locations under a unified brand identity. This cohesive branding was further extended to a range of graphic design materials, reinforcing RentalCity’s professional image across all touchpoints. The collective efforts culminated in heightened user engagement, increased website traffic, and a stronger social media presence, directly impacting RentalCity’s market reach and credibility.

By achieving these remarkable results, we solidified RentalCity’s position as a prominent player in property management, driving growth, fostering community connections, and propelling the brand confidently into the future.

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