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2021 & continuing

The Client

StraightOffer.com is a homebuyer focused on providing non-traditional solutions to homeowners looking to sell their property. Helping people find a safe, FAST and reliable solution for navigating their way out of whatever situation they might be facing be it divorce, death in the family, need for relocation, foreclosure- you name it, StraightOffer buys it.


Since the primary goal was to increase the visibility and uniqueness of the brand in both digital and graphic form, we focused on the attractive appearance of the brand and the website, as this is one of the most important factors that influence whether visitors conversion.

Together, we have collected all the necessary information and made a plan to facilitate the process for the users to submit an inquiry for the sale of a house and at the same time to make it easier for the company to automate inquiries and manage contacts.

From start to finish, P21 was able to piece together the vision that we had for our site and create something that will bring us clients for years to come. The professionalism and open communication offered were my favorite take always from the process and I could not be more happy with the end product.

Micah Williams


The result of our work is an innovative website that represents the StraightOffer.com company as it is – modern, innovative, creative, useful and visually appealing.

The system in the background is designed in such a way that the submission of requests, with the help of the Google API interface, is simplified for the user. By integrating external systems, ActiveCampaign and InvestorFuse, via API interfaces, it enables the company to fully automate the process of user inquiries.

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